At present eight buses, operated by the college PTA for the convenience of students and staff. Three buses operates between Kannur and college via Chala,Perallasseri, Mambaram, Kayalode and Kadirur. One bus operates between Kuthuparamba and College via Kadirur. Four buses operate between Thalassery and college via chonadam.6 Colleges buses are owned by PTA and 2 buses are on contract with PTA. The service of college buses are controlled by a committee which include student member also .Any complaint regarding the bus operations can be reported to the bus committee. Students and staff who are using college buses should remit the fee every Academic year, calculated based on the working days of that Academic year. A bus pass will be issued based on the remittance of the bus fee for both students and staff, which should be kept with them by travelling by college bus. Rules are over leafed in the bus pass. The students and staff who are using the college bus without bus pass will be punished. The decisions of the Principal will be final in this matter.

Transportation facility is provided from the following places for the safe conveyance of both staff and students.


  Bus Fee 2022

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