Central Computing Facility

Central Computing Facility (CCF)is a centralised Computer Centre for the staff and students of this college. CCF is maintaining and managing the Campus networking and Internet Facility. CCF started in the year 2004 with browsing facility. Now the CCF is equiped with around 70 Desktop systems, 100mbps NKN internet connectivity with a 300Mbps backup connection. Providing both wired and WiFi connectivity to students and staffs.

Access to the College network and internet connectivity is restricted through a user level authentication system. For obtaining the authentication credentials, contact CCF. Students are requested to apply through their staff advisor.

CCF having a mini data centre with latest Blade server and rack servers, which are running in both windows and Cent OS paltform. The servers are used for hosting college intranet/internet sites, to meets Consultancy and TBI server needs.

Staff and students of the institution can avail the wifi facility of the college.

CCF having a computer lab with 70 core i3/Core i5/ Computers. All the systems having both Linux and Windows Operating system and all are fully networked and managed. This lab is utilized for conducting placement and other online examination and for hands-on training programmes. Our college is an Authorised online examinations centre for GATE,Entrance, Bank Exams and NSEIT Examinations.

Faculty, staff and students can avail mail id in college domain. For obtaining the mail id, contact CCF. Students are requested to apply through their staff advisor.

CCF is always ready for providing Technical support in IT related matters. Requests, complaints and suggestion may please send to: data@cethalassery.ac.in

  • Do not download the file(s)/images/videos/songs that bulk in size or which contain material of a Pornographic, racist or extreme political nature, or which incites violence, hatred or any illegal activity.
  • Do not download content(s) from Internet sites unless it is related to your work.
  • Do not download free unlicensed software from the Internet and install it upon the Organization’s computer equipment.
  • Do not use the Organization’s computers to make unauthorized entry into any other computer or network.
  • Do not disrupt or interfere with other computers or network users, services, or equipment. Intentional disruption of the operation of computer systems and networks is a crime. Do not reset or power-off any machine.
  • Do not represent yourself as another person. Do not share your password .Do not lock the Screen unless you are sure to come back in 5 minutes. You should log out, if you are leaving the screen for a longer period.
  • Do not use Internet access to transmit confidential, political, obscene, threatening, or harassing materials.
  • Do not forget to log out when left unattended for more than 5 mins, to prevent any misuse.
  • Do not attach and transmit files (or programs) through email which contains Illegal/unauthorized materials