Students Corner

Students Corner

1.   All students should follow the uniform dress code of the college inside the campus. Dress properly and neatly, befitting for an engineering student.
2.    Behavior of the students, both within and outside the college premises should be decent and befitting to a professional institution.
3.   The student should move silently when proceeding from one class without disturbing classes at work.
4.    No student shall leave the class before the class is dispersed or without the permission of the teacher-in-charge of the class.
5.   Students are prohibited from organizing or attending meetings on the college campus, distributing notices and collecting money for any purpose without the prior permission of the Principal.
6.   Any student,

  • who is persistently insubordinate,
  • who is habitually irregular in attendance or inattentive to his work in the class,
  • who is repeatedly or willfully mischievous, or obscene in word or act,
  • who is guilty of fraud or malpractice at examinations and
  • who indulges in movements which lead to communal ill feelings or enmity will be punished according to the recommendations of the college council.

7.    Students should observe strict silence in library and internet lab.They should not make any disturbance to others.
8.   Scribbling or etching on drawing boards, desks and writing on the wall are strictly prohibited.
9.   Students should not misplace articles, furniture or books in the classrooms, laboratories or library.
10. Under any circumstance, no student or staff or outsider is permitted to enter the classroom while classes are going on, without the permission of the staff member concerned.
11. Any type of ragging, teasing, torturing, or misbehavior to the junior students is strictly prohibited. Legal actions will be taken against those students who are found guilty as per the prevailing laws and directions of honorable courts.

Students are expected to attend all classes without fail. If for unavoidable reasons, leave for absence is required, permission from the competent authority should be taken as given below.

Application for ordinary leave should be submitted along with leave diary to the Class Advisor concerned, who is competent to sanction leave to a maximum of 3 days at a time. For periods beyond three days at a time, the Heads of Departments will be the sanctioning authority. Applications for ordinary leave will be considered under any circumstances if submitted not later than three days from the date of return from leave.

Students can apply to the Head of the Department, through the Class Advisor, for leave on medical grounds, with relevant certificates within three working days after returning to the college, if the absence is not exceeding one week. If it exceeds one week student/parent must inform the concerned Class Advisor/ Head of the Department regarding the leave and shall submits the relevant document on return to the college. The students should keep the medical leave application duly sanctioned along with the leave diary. In the event of a student falling shortage of attendance at the end of semester, condonation will be recommended only if they produce record to prove that the medical leave had been applied for and granted in time.

Students are eligible for duty leave for representing the college in activities like sports, games, arts etc and to participate in the college union and department association activities. Duty leave can be recommended only by the faculty members who are authorized to do so. Duty leave should be submitted to the designated authority (Advisor/HOD), preferably before the duty is performed or soon after returning from the duty, but not later than three working days. After the duty leave has been sanctioned, the students must meet the respective staff members from whose classes they were absent and request them to mark the duty leave granted in their attendance register. The maximum limit of duty leave, which can be granted to a student during a semester, is 10% of the number of working days in that semester. However, in exceptional cases prior permission of the principal should be obtained to get duty leave in excess of 10%.
Students who do not satisfy the attendance requirements as per university regulations will not be permitted for the university examinations.