Placement Cell

Placement Cell

The Training and Placement Cell of the institute centrally handles Campus Placement for the Engineering students. The Cell provides complete support to the visiting companies at every stage of placement process. Arrangements for Pre-Placement Talks, Written Tests, Interviews and Group Discussions are made as per the requirements of the visiting companies.

Students are given career guidance starting from first year. Placement training classes are conducted based on

  • Company Specific requirements
  • Assessment Tests

The Placement Cell activities include:

  • On/off Campus Pooled Drives
  • Career Guidance Programmes

Dr. Rajeev P

Associate Professor
Mech Engg. Dept.,
(Training & Placement Officer
Career Guidance and Placement Unit)
+91 89214 74297

SlNo Name Designation
1 Dr. Rajeev P. Principal Chairman
2 Dr. Umesh P. AP Applied Science Training & Placement Officer
3 Rashma TV. AP CSE Members
4 Hairunizha Alias Nisha Rose, AP CSE
5 Rinil K R, AP CSE
6 Nithya G P. AP IT
7 Shamal P K, AP IT
8 Rasheed Ahamed Azad V, AP IT
9 Jinesh S, AP ECE
10 Shabin P. AP ECE
11 .Shayini R, AP ECE
12 Ashitha T, AP EEE
13 Arathy M Nair, AP EEE
14 Lakshmi S Suresh, AP EEE
15 Siju K, AP ME
16 Nivya T K, AP CE
19 Vaishakh K P. AP ME
20 Nirmal Madhusoodanan, AP ME
21 Vijisha Gangadharan, AP CE
22 Muhsin Mahmood LV, AP MBA
23 Jithin K V, AP MBA
24 Swetha S, AP MBA