PTA College of Engineering Thalassery is well established and structured. It has been very active in discharging its duties. The main objectives of the PTA are

1. To promote the welfare of students in Home, College and community.

2. To maintain good discipline and high academic standards.

3. To create in its members a keen interest for the smooth functioning and the development of the college.

To create in its members a keen interest for the smooth functioning and the development of the college. Parent Teachers Association College of Engineering Thalassery organizes various student welfare programmes in academic and non-academic areas. At the start of every academic year an orientation programme is conducted to the newly joined aspirants about the programme and how to approach them. It will cover topics like ice breaking, verbal and communication skill, voice accent, motivation, self-confidence, self-esteem, public speaking, leadership, team building and life skill development. Renowned resource persons engage the various topics. PTA, college of Engineering Thalassery always had an eye on students’ performance in academic activities. The toppers in each branch is awarded with cash prize in each year. The rank holders in the University level is also appreciated by the PTA, giving mementos and cash awards. A counselor is appointed in the college for helping the students to identify sources of difficulties or concerns of life and helping them to correct it in all possible ways. PTA is also giving immense support for the co-curricular activities of students. PTA involves in the overall development of the college in infrastructure as well as in academic activities. In addition to the above, the PTA also gives financial assistance to the College Union for conducting academic programmes such as seminars, paper presentations, technical festivals, etc.,

1. Prof. (Dr.) Rajeev P President
2. Mr. P. Suresh Babu Vice President
3. Prof .Shabin P Secretary
4. Prof. Ashitha T Faculty Member
5. Prof. Shamal k. Faculty Member
6. Prof. Nivya T. Faculty Member
7. Prof. Sajini R. Faculty Member
8. Mr.Sreejith Choyan. Parent Member
9. Mr.Vikas. Parent Member
10. Mrs.Aparna. Parent Member
11. Mr.Sajan CP. Parent Member